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Renishaw offers a range of repair and refurbishment services to ensure performance and compliance with your quality assurance and business requirements.

All repairs and refurbishments are carried out by skilled technicians at all of our service centres across the world.

Repair services

Different levels of service are offered, depending upon the product type being returned:

  • Repair – A full assessment will be carried out with only the failed part being replaced
  • Refurbishment – Faulty parts will be replaced but a level of refurbishment will be implemented so the unit is to the latest Renishaw build standard
  • Repair-by-Exchange (RBE) – Upon Renishaw receiving a faulty unit a refurbished unit is sent as a replacement
  • Advanced Repair-by-Exchange – Refurbished unit is sent to the customer, before the faulty unit is received at Renishaw
  • Loan unit – A temporary loan of a unit whilst the faulty product is being repaired or refurbished

Renishaw refurbished units have been updated to the latest build standard and benefit from a longer warranty than those offered on repairs.

All of our offices hold RBE stock locally, providing our customers with a fast and efficient turnaround to minimise downtime and in some regions, we can offer next-day delivery.

To discover what is available to you, complete an enquiry form with your requirements or contact your local office.

Returning a product to Renishaw

Please contact your local office to confirm the correct shipping address for your region. In addition, we ask that:

Products are packaged safely and securely to prevent possible damage in transport, using the original Renishaw packaging, if available

Where applicable inclusion of signed de-contamination forms

All batteries are removed

An advice slip is included, detailing:

  • The return address and a contact email / telephone number
  • The reason for the return and
  • Any relevant correspondence that you may already had with Renishaw

If an RMA has been supplied, the number is written on the box and/or on the paperwork