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GDPR information

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides harmonised data protection rights and remedies to residents across the EU and has been retained in the UK post-Brexit. The regulation applies to organisations that offer goods and services to people in the EU/UK or that process the personal data of people in the EU/UK, regardless of where those organisations are located.


Renishaw collects various types of personal data about individuals in the regular course of business, such as your contact details when you purchase or request information about Renishaw's products and services.

Renishaw is committed to respecting the data protection rights of individuals. To learn more about the personal data that Renishaw may collect about you, your rights as an individual under the GDPR, and how Renishaw respects these rights, visit our Privacy Notice.


If you provide goods or services to Renishaw which require you to receive or access personal data (for example, if you provide cloud software products to us), you are a ‘processor' as defined in the GDPR and your obligations are set out in the data processing agreement between the parties.


Most Renishaw goods and services are supplied on-premise and do not require Renishaw to receive or access personal data on behalf of customers.

In the rare exceptions where Renishaw is required to receive or access personal data on behalf of a customer, then with respect to customers doing business in the EU and UK, Renishaw is a ‘processor' as defined in the GDPR.

Where Renishaw acts as a processor under the GDPR, Renishaw only processes personal data as necessary for the provision of Renishaw goods and services, as otherwise permitted/requested by the customer, or as otherwise permitted/required by applicable law.