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Renishaw IMTS exhibit addresses industry's process control imperative with end-to-end solutions

Visit Renishaw at IMTS 2010 and learn how Renishaw addresses industry's lean imperative for comprehensive process control with an IMTS exhibit that demonstrates the effectiveness of an end-to-end solution

Renishaw IMTS exhibit addresses industry's process control imperative with end-to-end solutions

IMTS logo 2010Renishaw addresses industry's lean imperative for comprehensive process control with an IMTS exhibit that demonstrates the effectiveness of an end-to-end solution, highlighting new technologies for pre-process machine calibration, to post-process measurement, online or offline. New pre-process calibration tools include the QC20-W wireless ballbar, as well as Renishaw's latest advancement in fast 5-axis CMM measurement – the motorized PH20 probe head with "head touch" capability. Rounding out the exhibit will be the company's CMM retrofit service, encoder technologies and demonstrations of software for calibration, machine tool probing and CMMs. Major highlights include:

PH20 5-axis probe for CMMs

PH20 5-axis motionThe PH20 increases touch-trigger CMM throughput up to three times, using fast, infinite, rotary positioning and unique "head touch" capability for high-speed point capture with minimal CMM movement. The PH20 uses two-axes of head motion to minimize CMM movement and associated dynamic errors at higher measurement speeds. Its unique "inferred calibration" feature determines head orientation and probe position in a single operation, eliminating the need for calibration at each orientation.

QC20-W Wireless Ballbar

In addition to the conveniences of wireless operation, the new QC20-W ballbar is the first calibration tool to allow testing in 3 orthogonal planes through a single reference point. A single, simple hardware set up means quicker testing and the ability to produce a representative volumetric measurement of positioning accuracy.

New machine tool probes with optical and radio signal transmission

Renishaw's new RLP40and OLP40 lathe inspection probes offer a choice of signal transmission technologies – radio or optical – to make part set-up and inspection on turning centers accurate, simple and reliable. Measuring just 40 mm (1.57 in) in diameter and 58.3 mm (2.30 in) long, the probes provide unidirectional repeatability of 1µm (0.00004") and can be used to reduce set-up times, scrap, and fixture costs, while improving process control.

CMM 5-axis retrofits and software

Renishaw will detail its certified coordinate measuring machine (CMM) retrofits to upgrade existing machines to state-of-the-art capabilities – including REVO™ five-axis ultra-high-speed scanning. The comprehensive retrofit program applies to all brands of machines, including Hexagon and Zeiss. The Renishaw Retrofit™ service enables manufacturers to raise CMM throughput by factors of four, five and more, increase measurement automation, collect more data points for form measurement, and utilize open source software and future probing technology developments.

New multi-axis software for machine tool probes

New OMV Pro software includes more advanced CMM-type capabilities with an extended range of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) functionality, plus the ability to work with multiple alignments in a single program, an advantage in working with multi-axis machine tools. The software includes simulation capability, an intuitive graphical interface and crystal-clear reporting format that make it accessible to shop-floor staff. OMV Pro's GD&T measurement wizard helps users create standardized report elements based on internationally recognized symbols, allowing operators to compare part measurement results on the machine with those on the manufacturing drawing.

RESOLUTE™ RESA absolute scale close upAbsolute optical encoder and 1 nm resolution incremental encoder

RESOLUTE™ is the world’s first true absolute encoder capable of 27 bit resolution at 36,000 rpm. The fine-pitch system offers excellent dirt immunity, while delivering market-leading resolution of just 1 nanometer at up to 100 m/s, for both linear and angle encoding applications. TONiC™ incremental optical encoders provide the accuracy of fragile fine-pitch encoders, but in a rugged, simple-to-install package. Advanced optical design and innovative electronics are featured in a compact readhead (35 mm x 13.5 mm x 10 mm L-W-H) for great design/application flexibility and installation even on micro-manufacturing systems. TONiC is available in rotary and linear versions.

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