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Renishaw Dental Studio

Renishaw's flexible dental CAD technology, powered by exocad and modular in its expansion, grows with your dental laboratory.

Renishaw Dental Studio

There is no longer a difficult choice to make when it comes to in-lab scanners - Renishaw Dental Studio (RDS) offers the full package, taking desirable features from the DS10 contact scanner, Medit T300 and T500 optical scanners and combing them with the advanced RDS CAD package.

The speed of optical scanning for full-jaw cases can now be integrated with the accuracy from a contact scan, which is essential when capturing implant angles and positions. The combined data set is an ideal basis for producing implant supported frameworks with a high precision, passive fit.

The RDS package includes advanced CAD software with a variety of design modules developed by technicians, as well as the ability to see photorealistic images of designs with TruSmile™ image rendering software. RDS is a completely open system, supporting many restoration types.

Features at a glance

  • Combination scanning giving highly flexible options ideal for implant work
  • Efficient design process
  • Fully open CAD system
  • Ideal for full contour designs
  • Implant bridges design
  • Impression scanning
  • Partial and full dentures design
  • Photorealistic rendering of designs with TruSmile

Modules at a glance

  • Bar module
  • Bite splint module
  • Full denture module
  • Implant module
  • Model creator
  • Partial denture module
  • Provision module
  • Virtual articulator module


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