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Raman Revealed overview

Realize the full potential of your Renishaw Raman Instrument

3-day Training workshops, Renishaw Inc, West Dundee, Illinois, United States

May 17-19 2022

Course overview

Raman Revealed is a highly interactive, three-day course that combines tutorials and discussions with hands-on learning. You will collect Raman data on the inVia™ Raman microscope and then analyze it using the latest WiRE™ software. By the end of the course, you will understand the optimum analytical approach to use for your samples.

Topics Covered:

  • Data acquisition and instrumentation:
    • In depth walkthrough of the inVia Raman microscope and spectrometer
    • Sample imaging using white light microscopy and Raman
    • Considerations for sample preparation and presentation
    • Optimizing instrumental and experimental parameters for effective data acquisition including laser wavelength, laser power, grating, objective and acquisition time
    • Strategies for addressing sample fluorescence
    • Automated measurement queuing and batch mapping
    • Fast Raman imaging techniques using StreamLine™ and StreamHR™
    • 3D mapping with StreamHR™
    • Analysis of uneven samples using LiveTrack™

  • Data analysis using WiRE software:
    • Viewing, manipulating and presenting spectral data using WiRE software
    • Data processing techniques for removing cosmic rays and fluorescence backgrounds
    • Spectral searching and creating libraries
    • Creating Raman images with univariate and multivariate analysis


$1800 for all 3 days.

The price includes course materials, lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance. Travel and accommodation are not included.


The workshop will take place at Renishaw's United States headquarters in West Dundee, Illinois, in Chicago's northwest suburbs (see contact details).

Further information

Accommodation and travel


Space is limited. To enable hands-on training using individual computers, the workshop is limited to 15 participants. Please complete the online form to register your interest.


If you have any questions about these training workshops, please call Renishaw Spectroscopy Products Division on +1 847 286 9953 or email