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Raman images faster than ever before

14 February 2014

Raman images faster than ever before

Renishaw's new StreamHR™ Rapide option for its inVia Raman microscope enables the rapid collection of large amounts of Raman data. With this capability, and inVia's high sensitivity, users can generate high definition chemical images quickly.

StreamHR Rapide image of graphene

Faster imaging
Tight integration between Renishaw's detector and motorised sample stage enables very rapid imaging (detector spectrum readout rate over 1000 s-1). Coupled with large file handling this means it is easy to produce highly detailed Raman images with extreme speed..

Detailed and efficient
With enhanced signal-to-noise ratios, accurate measurements are achieved even where extremely low signal levels are present. Users can export high definition (megapixel) Raman images to see data in all its detail and because there is no inherent file size limit, it is also possible to record tens of millions of spectra in a single file.

Every millisecond counts
For more information please contact your local sales representative or see Renishaw at one of the many worldwide events we attend, where the company's team of Raman experts will be happy to demonstrate this exciting new capability.

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Image: StreamHR Rapide image of single-layer graphene (red) and multi-layered graphene (green) on a Si/SiO2 substrate. The data, comprising 52,136 spectra, were collected at a rate of 700 spectra / s.


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