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New software for underground 3D laser scanners

Cavity Profiler enables quicker deployment, more efficient scanning, and rapid data visualisation, editing and processing.

22 September 2014

Renishaw has launched new 3D laser scanning software to speed underground mapping and modelling operations for the mining and geo-technical industries.

The new software, Cavity Profiler, allows customers to progress projects faster, by enabling quicker deployment, more efficient scanning and rapid data visualisation, editing and processing. The software is available in two versions, to support either the Renishaw Void Scanner – a specialist, boom-deployable underground laser scanner - or the Renishaw C-ALS® - a slimline, borehole-deployable laser scanner.

Void Scanner and C-ALS are two of the most widely adopted underground 3D laser scanners, popular because of their robust nature and ability to accurately gather data in previously inaccessible areas. As the use of 3D laser scanners expands, Renishaw are committed to ensuring its customers benefit not only from unique deployment abilities, giving access to potentially dangerous underground voids without risk to workers, but software that supports business efficiencies. The Cavity Profiler software replaces all earlier versions and both Cavity Profiler – C-ALS and Cavity Profiler – Void Scanner are being made available by Renishaw to existing customers, free of charge.

Martin Carr, Business Manager, Mining Systems, says: “Our new software offers customers many efficiency benefits. Training needs are reduced through intuitive design and guided workflow. Successful scanning is supported by better visualisation of the probe and live viewing of incoming point data.

“We've also introduced one-click surfacing and volume calculation for on-site modelling and ensured easy integration with third-party processing software packages. These changes make it quicker and simpler for our customers to capture accurate data, even in remote voids, and make it possible for them to use the data captured in their mine mapping software system.”

Renishaw launched the new software at the Electra Mining Show which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa between September 15 and September 19.

More information on the software is available on the Renishaw website at and


1. The Renishaw C-ALS® and Void Scanner enable laser scanning of air-filled voids in order to create geo-referenced 3D models of subsurface conditions. They are used in a wide range of applications, including underground and open-cast mining, construction, subsidence investigations and subterranean excavations. The C-ALS is designed for narrow borehole deployment as a cost-effective, comprehensive and accurate alternative to more wide-spread drilling. More information at

2. Details of the new software can be found at and Renishaw is making the software available to customers as a free download from the site.