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Removing manual steps in machine tool probe calibration

Spindle probes for CNC machine tools can be highly repeatable, but their performance relies on accurate calibration.

Many users rely on manual calibration processes. Even skilled operators may introduce variability, which will affect the accuracy of subsequent measurements.

ACS-1 (Advanced Calibration Sphere) helps you to achieve maximum measurement accuracy on your machine tools by removing manual calibration steps.

The lockable mechanism on ACS-1 overcomes the need for manual use of precision gauge blocks or slips, ensuring consistency and reliability.

How does ACS-1 work?

Features and benefits

  • Accurate results – Removing operator interference ensures highly accurate probe calibration
  • Excellent repeatability of calibration – No need for slip gauges
  • Fast calibration – Probe length and ball diameter can be accurately determined within minutes
  • Easy to use – The magnetic base makes mounting the ACS onto the machine table or chuck effortless
  • Vertical or horizontal mount – Suitable for various types of machine tools
  • No batteries required – Fully mechanical design
  • Rugged design – A hard-wearing mechanical structure ensures longevity
  • Cost effective – A simple and affordable solution for removing human error from the probe calibration process

Next steps

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