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Fanbeam® service centres

In addition to Renishaw's in-house support, our Fanbeam service model brings together specialist partners from around the world who share our commitment to quick, cost-effective solutions and expert engineering.

Keep fleets working

Minimise vessel downtime with worldwide access to Fanbeam service, support and repair centres.

Renishaw-approved service centres

All of Renishaw's authorised service partners have passed a rigorous selection process to merit their ‘Renishaw-approved' status. Staff training programmes and technical audits ensure that these partners are equipped to provide Renishaw-standard service and support for your Fanbeams.


Repair by Exchange

Repair by Exchange (RBE) is our innovative, cost-effective service option, which enables customers to manage servicing in a new way, by keeping vessels working with a minimum of downtime and handling.

RBE Fanbeam units are kept at key service centres around the world and, in the event of damage, a replacement unit can be sent to your vessel in exchange for faulty equipment.

  • No waiting for repair work to be done
  • Only one vessel attendance required
  • Deal with a service centre convenient to you
  • Minimise the potential downgrading of DP class
  • Limit the loss of vessel day-rate