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Framework delivery dates for Europe - during public holidays in the UK for March 2018 - June 2018

Submission date
(before 12 noon)
Copings (1unit)
Delivery date

Frameworks (2-8 units)LaserRPD™
Delivery date

Delivery date

Delivery date

Weds 28th MarTues 3rd Apr Wed 4th AprThurs 5th AprFri 6th Apr
Thurs 29th MarWed 4th Apr Thurs 5th AprFri 6th AprMon 9th Apr
Fri 30th Mar - Mon 2nd Apr Thurs 5th Apr Fri 6th AprMon 9th AprTues 10th Apr
Thurs 3rd MayTues 8th MayWed 9th MayThurs 10th MayFri 11th May
Fri 4th MayWed 9th MayThurs 10th MayFri 11th MayMon 14th May
Mon 7th MayThurs 10th MayFri 11th MayMon 14th MayTues 15th May
Thurs 24th MayTues 29th MayWed 30th MayThurs 31st MayFri 1st Jun
Fri 25th MayWed 30th MayThurs 31st MayFri 1st JunMon 4th Jun
Mon 28th MayThurs 31st MayFri 1st JunMon 4th JunTues 5th Jun

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